Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the authority responsible for the mission and the application of the regulations of the Ordre and the Professional Code. The Board holds all the rights, powers and prerogatives of the Ordre except for those which depend on decisions of the General assembly of members. The Board creates and implements Policies which guide decision making and the actions of the Ordre. Policies adopted by the Board can be consulted here.

The President exercises a right of general supervision over the affairs of the order. To that end, the President may require information from a member of a committee created by the Board of Directors, an employee of the order or any person exercising a function within the order as provided for in the Professional Code or the Act constituting the order, including a syndic in regard to the conduct, or the progress, of an inquiry. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Board of Directors and over the proceedings of the general meeting of members. The president is responsible for the administration of the affairs of the Board and the carrying out of its decisions and the decisions of the general meeting.

The Board of Directors is supported by the Secretary, by the Syndic and various committees, and by headquarter staff.

The Board of Directors

The Board is made up of six directors elected by the members of the Ordre from geologists (members) and two directors appointed by the government of Québec to represent the public. The President and all the directors must be domiciled in Québec. The President and elected directors must be members of the Ordre.

The President is chosen among the elected directors.

Directors are elected for three years and the president for one year; all terms of office are renewable.


  • Robert Wares, géo.

Elected Directors

  • Louis Bernier, géo.
  • Jean-Louis Caty, géo.
  • Daniele Giovenazzo, géo.
  • Françoise Goutier, géo.
  • Carlos Pelletier-Martinez, géo.

Directors appointed by Government:

  • Jocelyne Blouin
  • Jasmine Sasseville

General Assembly of members

The General assembly of members is convened once a year to in order to allow the President to report to members on the year’s activities including the verified financial statements.

The assembled members approve any increase of annual dues and elect the financial auditors for the following year. 

The Secretary

The Secretary is a geologist named by the Board who, in addition to responsibilities linked to support of the Board of directors, is tasked under the Professional Code with:

  • Registration or striking of Members from the roll and publication of the Official roster of Members.
  • Organisation of elections to the Board of directors and of the General assembly of Members
  • Production of required reports to Government