Professional Liability Insurance

Secondary professional liability insurance program

All members of the Ordre are covered by a « secondary » professional liability insurance policy (SLIP).

NOTE : The coverage provided through SLIP does not cover full time private practice nor certain activities. Details of this coverage and how it applies are described in the documents available through the following links:

Professional Liability Insurance for private practice

Geologists in private practice (providing professional services to third parties in return for fees, i.e., consulting and various other professional services) must maintain primary liability insurance coverage in conformity with the Regulation respecting professional liability insurance.

To assist members (sole practionners or small firms) in their efforts to comply with the Regulation on professional liability insurance, the Order has reached a service agreement with:

BFL Canada
2001, McGill College, bureau 2200
Montréal QC H3A 1G1
Tél. : (514) 843-3632
Téléc. : (514) 843-3842
Sans frais : 1-866-688-9888

You may contact a representative at: Nelson Fernandes, Courtier en assurance de dommages (514) 315-3353 Caroline Koch, Courtier en assurance de dommages (514) 843-3632