Directory of the Ordre des géologues du Québec

The Online Directory is currently unavailable. Please contact OGQ office for informations.


The directory provided herein is offered to help ascertain the current status  of a person in relation to the Ordre des géologues du Québec. The directory is accurate to the extent possible on the date of consultation and is constantly being updated. Any person may contact the office of the Ordre to obtain confirmation of a person’s registration.

The information provided concerns the name, status, specialty and professional domicile of the person.

The information in the directory is provided solely for the purpose specified and may not be compiled or reproduced in a printed, an electronic or another document without the written authorization of the Ordre des géologues du Québec.

How to use the directory

This tool enables users to search on the basis of the last name (surname or family name) of the person. Additional information such as the first name can be entered to refine the search. Note that the spelling of the name must be accurate or no result will be found. If your query returns no result after you have verified that you have spelled the name correctly, you can presume that the person is not a member, you may also verify by contacting this office.

Geologists entered on the Roll are the only persons authorized to use the title of “geologist” and to practise professional activities exclusive to geologists, as defined by article 6 of the Geologists Act. If no address is shown for professional domicile, this means that this geologist as an inactive status (retired, unemployed, student, maternity leave, etc.); these individuals must ask to be entered on the Roll  with an active status in order to practice geology again.

Geologists-in-training are NOT listed. Please contact the office for information, or ask the GIT to show you his/her letter of admission or confirmation of registration to Practical Training.