Temporary permit renewal

If a Temporary Permit was granted to you because you cannot demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the French language according to the Charter of the French language (see art. 35) , you must follow the rules and procedures set by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) if you intended to renew your temporary permit. 

Your Temporary Permit is valid 1 year, starting on the date the OGQ Board of Directors granted it to you (meeting date), and will not be renewed after its expiring date unless an authorization is issued by OQLF.

Please understand the difference between the period of validity of your temporary permit, and that of your registration with OGQ.

It is your obligation to ask for a renewal of your temporary permit, and to take the necessary steps, including taking the French language proficiency test administered by OQLF.  Please note that OQLF may autorize up to 3 renewals.

Please be advised that inaction on your part will result in the expiration of your permit (at your expiry date) without any possibility of getting another temporary permit.    Please understand that OQLF has full legal authority on this matter.


Please see the various FAQ below (section in Construction!--pdf files soon available for each question) :

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If your question is not listed above, please contact OGQ.